Precuations During The rainy Season

One of the best and fast growing pathology in Lucknow shares some important precuations that you must take during the rainy season.

As we all know that when the rainy season comes, the risk of diseases also gets  increased  due to increased levels of dampness.Mostly people gets fever, cough and body pain problems during the season on whih people starts getting worried and stress, tension makes them ore weaker but instead it should help you recognize the problem.

Some of the health tips that an help you & your family to keep away and to prevent the nasty bacteria from spreading are shared below :

1- Must Eat healthy Food & Maintain Your Diet :
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Yes it is very important that you must take the food in  the proper way and to maintain your diet. There are a number of precautions that must be taken during the rainy season. Eating healthy food is one of them, avoid food from outside or street food. It is very true that the healthier you eat the more nutrients your body will be getting and the more capable it will be of fighting any illnesses. The resistance power of the body develops by eating healthy food and it could resist your body in fighting from the other external diseases. One of the healthy eating habits includes drinking bottled water, as the risks of other water sources being contaminated are much higher. Don't drink open water or direct water, boiling water can be a better for people who don't have water purifier or other options.

2- Washing Hands Regularly

Washing hands is very important every day but in rainy seasonit becomes more importnat and without any doubt, one of the most important health tips for rainy season is to wash your hands regularly with soap or hand wash. It is very important that whenever you’re out of your home; you’re at risk of picking up germs and bacteria that can cause a number of monsoon diseases, washing your hands properly can avoid chances of diseases and bacteria . Thus keeping your hands clean is vital. Make sure you always wash them before you handle food in particular, and ensure your children are doing the same.Washing hands before eating food or making food is very impportant.

3- Avoid Rain Walking 
 yes the people who loves walking in the rain should avoid enjoying and walking in the rain. Rainy walks can sound appealing but doing so can make you prone to monsoon diseases such as leptospirosis and fungal infections of the feet and other skin problems. If your clothes or footwear do get wet, change them as soon as you can.Apart from this your body can also suffer from fever or cold cough.
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4- Carry a mosquito repellent :

Mosquitos love carrying diseases, especially during the monsoon season. With that knowledge, one of our most important monsoon health tips is to carry a mosquito repellent with you, wherever you go. Malaria is one of the nastiest monsoon diseases you could contract, so never leave home without your spray or cream. Dengue mosquito is also found in the fresh water so it is very important that you must carry a mosquito repellent or remove the fresh water from the places.

Above mentioned precations can keep your body protected and away from the diseases. If you need a health check up to find the reason you can give a call for home body check up.