What is Thyroid? Know About Symptoms and Solutions

One of the Diagnostic centre in Lucknow shares some important information about Thyroid.
So Thyroid is nothing but one of the many gland of the body that performs some of the most important functions of the human system. It is basically nestled at the tip of the neck, the thyroid gland produces essential hormones, and these glands help in brain activities and metabolism. If there is any problem in the glands then you must consult with the doctor.You must know that most of them are quite similar to symptoms of many other conditions and diseases. Only an experienced doctor can find the exact reason behind it and you should prefer experienced Pathologist or best pathology for its testing. Apart from this there are some symptoms and signs of Thyroid lets have a look on them.

Signs and Symptoms of a Thyroid Problem

The symptoms and signs of Thyroid may consist of Witnessing fatigue even after sleeping for about 8 to 10 hours at a stretch or a need to take a nap every day.
You may get unintentionally gaining weight or finding it difficult to lose weight.
You may experience extreme mood swings, anxiety or a condition of depression.
You may face hormonal imbalances such as irregular periods, PMS, infertility and even lower sex drive.
You may feel pain in the muscles, the joints, carpal tunnel syndrome.
You may be suffering cold feet and hands, and feeling unusually cold, even when others are not.
Drying or cracking of the skin, having brittle nails and experiencing excessive hair loss.
Constant constipation.

Tests Related to Thyroid Problem

There are a couple of tests that are associated with the diagnosis of proper functionality, and production and release of the essential hormones in the bloodstream. By opting proper Thyroid testing in Lucknow services, you can diagnose the problem. The test related to thyroid are :

TSH Test
Free T3 and T4 Test
Reverse T3 Test
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies Test (TPOAb)
Thyroglobulin Antibodies Test (TgAb)

Know about the type of Thyroid Problems

Typically, there are two types of thyroid problems - hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism,is a condition wherein the thyroid causes less production of essential hormones, which further hampers the proper functionality of many related organs. Both the conditions are dangerous for the human system and hence, maintenance of the health of the thyroid gland is important.
Well on the other hand Hyperthyroidism is a condition wherein the gland produces excessive amount of hormones which cause the onset of many internal problems. A hyper active thyroid often leads to excessive TSH secretion in the blood stream, Grave's disease, and the formation of nodules in the gland.
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A legitimate thyroid problem treatment is formulated by the endocrinologist. The sooner you get treated for a thyroid related treatment, the better is the outcome.
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