Seasonal Allergies and its preventive measures

Know about Seasonal Allergies and its preventive measures

Hello readers… Welcome back to our blog-posts. Lifeline Labs the best diagnostic center in Lucknow shares a blog on seasonal allergies.  We will discuss all about seasonal allergies in our blog. Today you will learn how to manage your allergy symptoms and know the right time to see the doctor. According to the Lifeline labs, allergies cause effect due to various. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, causes symptoms in spring, summer and early fall. A lifeline lab provider may be able to provide or refer you to therapies that ease the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. We have best pathology in Jankipuram. We are always there to help you. Lifeline labs share few most common seasonal Allergy Symptoms:-

1.      Runny nose

2.      Sneezing

3.      Itchy eyes, mouth or skin

4.      Stuffy nose

5.      Fatigue

6.      Puffy, red and watery eyes

7.      Post-nasal drip

Preventive measures that helps to get Relieve from Seasonal Allergies:-

1.      Start treatment early: If you take medications to control seasonal allergy symptoms, start taking them now. Don't wait for spring to be in fool bloom.

2.      Take steps to control your environment

3.      Stay indoors, if possible, when pollen counts are at their peak (mid-day and afternoon hours), and when it is wind.

4.      Keep windows closed during high-pollen periods, use an air conditioner in the car and at home

5.      Avoid using window fans, which can draw pollen inside

6.      Wear sunglasses to reduce the amount of pollen coming into your eyes

7.      Shower in the evening, including washing your hair to wash away pollen

8.      Consider taking an over-the-counter allergy medication, and switching brands if one medication is not effective

9.      Wear a mask when gardening or mowing the lawn

10.  Do not hang clothes to dry outside; pollen may stick to clothing, towels and sheets

The best pathology in Lucknow will give you pollen counts and mold levels, specific to your area. If over-the-counter medications do not control symptoms or if you are experiencing severe symptoms, call best Pathology center in Lucknow. Lifeline Labs the best Healthcare provider will help to evaluate your allergy symptoms and may refer you to an allergy specialist if necessary. We suggest you to see the doctor if you have another condition that can make symptoms worse, like asthma or frequent sinus infections. After test doctor will suggest testing to determine the cause of the allergy if required. Visit best pathology in Lucknow if you see any symptoms of allergy.