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Lifeline Labs is Recognized for Quality in Health Care

Lifeline Labs the best pathology in Lucknow is one of the best pathology in the city to provide best Health care and pathology test with advance technology in various aspects of health care. Lifeline Labs shown to deliver quality specialty care based on objective, transparent measures for patient safety and health outcomes that were developed with input from the medical community. This year, the national program has added a new designation level, to recognize best pathology in Lucknow that deliver both quality and cost-efficient specialty care.
Lifeline Labs organize health Care program to help patients to find quality providers for their specialty care needs while encouraging healthcare professionals to improve the care they deliver. To receive a designation, a hospital must demonstrate success in meeting both general quality and safety criteria (such as preventing hospital-acquired infections) and cardiac-specific quality measures and, additionally, must show better cost efficiency relative to their peers. Quality is key: only those facilities that first meet Blue Distinction's nationally established, objective quality measures will be considered for designation as a best pathology in Jankipuram and best diagnostic center in Lucknow is proud to be recognized by Independence Blue Cross for meeting the rigorous cardiac care selection criteria set by Lifeline Labs for Specialty Care program.

Our program wouldn't be what it is today without a concerted team effort. Team members throughout the pathology constantly work at improving the system of care and developing even better strategies to deliver the care as safely and efficiently as possible. The results of these sustained efforts are outcomes that we're proud of, and that place us among the top providers in the region, and in fact, the nation. Treatment procedures, including bypass and cardiac stent placement, are among the most common major medical procedures provided by the best pathology in Lucknow.
Lifeline lab is committed to providing members access to high quality, more affordable health care. Now more than ever, our members need real facts so they can make smart choices about their health care. We improve the quality of care our members receive by recognizing health care facilities with proven expertise in delivering specialty care. We have best experience in providing better quality and improved outcomes for patients, with lower rates of complications and lower rates of healthcare associated infections, compared with their peers. For more information about our service and for a complete listing of the designated facilities, please visit our website:- and contact us.