Success story of the Founder of Lifeline Lab Pathology

Founder of Lifeline Lab Pathology and facility provided by them

Lifeline labs were established by Dr. Abhishek Gupta in 2012 as a humble effort to provide genuine help to the patients. He established one of the
best pathology in Lucknow. Since then the lab has been established no looking back and has been working to provide a wide area of tests possible today in the field. Besides the widening of the horizons, the laboratory has continued to maintain the standard and quality of providing facility. It is the most advanced X-ray pathology in Lucknow. He always ready to provide analytical and support services to clinical research organizations for their clinical research projects. During the financial year, Lifeline Lab conducted various tests from number of patient visits. Pathology lab offer a broad range of approximately 3,487 clinical laboratory tests and 530 profiles. The laboratory handles large number of samples a day comprising of hematological tests, biochemical estimations and drug assays, infectious disease identification, immunological disorder or hormonal estimation, besides surgical specimens for cytological and histopathological examination. Lifeline Lab the best diagnostic centre in Lucknow always use latest technology for treatment process.

Lifeline Lab has designed in such a way to provide great efficiency and quality to all areas. The sophisticated lab information management system is used to manage patient information, lab data and result. We Provide state-of-the-art diagnostic pathology services while achieving excellence in pathology research and education. He strongly encourages his team members to take leadership roles in education, research and management. Always support the leaders and guide mission. The lab maintains a computerized archive of records files of all the surgical pathology cases with filed blocks and slides of the last decade or so. In order to serve the society we had opened collection service branches in various areas of capital which are connected to main lab and provide lab reports in short turnaround time. In view of special needs of patients Lifeline lab provides Home health services for patients who are unable to come to lab due to sickness and constraint of time. Our clinical trial unit has been very active and in forefront for conducting various clinical trials for well-known companies and organizations. We believe in academic excellence and growth without compromise in medical ethics. It is the reason why we are the best pathology in Lucknow.

Through our widespread operational network, we offer a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests and profiles, which are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of the disease. The profile comprises of a variety of test combinations which are specific to a disease or disorder as well as wellness profiles that are used for health and fitness screening. We conduct our operations through our laboratory and service network. The laboratory network consists of 115 clinical laboratories and the service network comprises 1,631 patient touch points. His dedication and work made Lifeline Lab the best diagnostic center in Lucknow.