Role of Lab Pathologist in this COVID-19

Role of Lab Pathologist

Lifeline Labs is the best pathology in Lucknow having best pathologists who play a vital role in healthcare and patient advocacy. Lifeline lab professionals and pathologists are staunchly working and sacrificing on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing heath reports on time. Laboratory professionals have been working around the clock to bring testing for patients.  As celebrations of all sorts are postponed and rescheduled during the pandemic, Lab Week remains a time to reflect on labs’ role in healthcare; to thank labs for all they do, and to let them know we are here for them. Lifeline lab provides best pathology service and stand as best pathology in Lucknow.

We salute all laboratories and doctors for their steadfast efforts in this crisis; they are vividly demonstrating the importance of the laboratory network and medical in keeping it healthy. We have best diagnostic centre in Lucknow and should also recognize that ongoing cost-cutting has put them in a sometimes-untenable financial position at a time when we need their services the most. Our government is also continuously running campaigns and awareness program for this pandemic.

We the best pathology in Lucknow want to thank to all doctors, government and people in general, for their selfless actions for patients. Lifeline lab is proud to support laboratories and doctors on front line. In this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic try to stay home and keep yourself safe. Step out from your house if it’s really important.