What is Mucormycosis

 Mucormycosis is the fungal infection that mostly affects the people whose immunity is heavily compromised.It gets widespread due to heavy use of anti bacterial and anti fungal agents in the people having mostly uncontrolled diabetes. Due to excessive use of steroids it affects the people due to increase in blood glucose level. Best Pathology in Lucknow

Symptoms: Nasal blockage, congestion, blackish or bloody nasal discharge, one sided facial pain, numbness or swelling, blackish discoloration over bridge of nose or palate, chest pain and worsening of respiratory symptoms.
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The possible reason for widespread of it in India is the abundant presence of mucorales or fungi in the community and hospital environment, a large number of susceptible hosts especially diabetics. There is no white fungus as such, infact beauveria bassiana is sometimes called white and rarely cause human infection. The infection is more serious than mucormycosis. Doctors are calling Candida or Aspergillus or Fusarium as white.We must also understand that Mucormycosis is not a black fungus.

It can be avoided by controlling diabetes, reducing the use of steroids and discontinuing immunomodulating drugs. Exercise, proper diet and suggestions given by doctor can help from Mucormycosis.