Workplace Safety Tips- Monsoon season


How to prevent yourself from Infection at Workplace during Monsoon season?


Hello readers, welcome to our new blog posts. Let’s talk about Monsoon and the infection that may cause effect on health during monsoon.

Monsoon is a very beautiful season as it comes with a lot of greenery, great weather and fun. But, it is also popular as the season of infectious diseases because the moisture is at its highest during this season. Monsoon brings a number of contagious diseases like common cold, cholera, diarrhoea, dengue, malaria, viral, food poisoning etc.

People who spend number of hours in their office, there is more chance to get infection as they are in more exposure to viruses and bacteria at their workplace. Employees can get infected from various sources like from the people they are working with, things they are using and the food they are eating. In fact, it is one of the major reasons of absenteeism among employees during this season. It not only affects the efficiency of the employees but also the overall performance of the company.  However, there are few basic steps shared by best pathology in Lucknow that one can follow to prevent from such infections and diseases.

Take Precautions

If one is affected than there is a chance that everyone is potentially at risk of getting an infection. So before getting infected one can take few steps in advance that would help to prevent contagious diseases. There should be a first aid kit in every workplace, and a few staff members must be trained in first aid. Let’s know what precautions we can take to prevent our self from infection:-

1.     Take Care of Personal Hygiene

·         Wash hand Regularly: Most of the germs can be prevented from entering the body by just washing hands on regular interval. Take care of the cleanliness of your hands. Employees should be encouraged to adopt the habit of washing hands at regular intervals especially before eating food, after travelling by public transport, after visiting the toilet, after using any equipment, etc. Even you can keep a sanitizer at your desk to avoid infections.


·         Take care of open wounds:  An open wound may cause a bacterial infection. To avoid this take first aid and bandage to prevent wound from more infection. Employees should pay attention to wounds and if possible they should avoid working for some time in such conditions. And if they are still working, there should be a proper waterproof dressing to such wounds.


·         Don’t share your personal things: People should avoid sharing their personal things like handkerchiefs, tissues, food or hand towels to prevent germs from spreading. Visit best pathology in Jankipuram to get test done to detect the infection.


·         Stay home if you are sick: If employees are seen coughing and sneezing at the workplace then they should be advised to stay at home. If one employee is suffering from a viral or bacterial illness it means he or she is contagious and can infect their co-workers also.


2.     Keep the Workplace Clean

There should be regular washing of floors with Antiseptic Disinfectant that kills bacteria and provides protection against bacteria. Workstation, floor, and bathroom must be cleaned every day properly. Mops, brushes and dusters that are used for cleaning should be washed thoroughly and dried properly after every use. The office walls and ceiling should also be washed at regular interval. Drying mops & cloths in sunlight is important as there are many pathogens that rely on moisture to thrive. Make sure that there is proper cleaning and care of equipment that are being used at the workplace regularly.

Some Tips to Follow During this Season

ü  Avoid getting wet in the rains. It may harm to your health and lower productivity at work.

ü  Always keep a spare set of clothes and shoes at work in rainy season to change when you get drenched in rains. Try to stay dry most of the time.

ü  Always dry your clothes, body and hair properly after getting wet in the rains.

ü  Wash your feet and hands with any effective disinfectants a couple of times every day.

ü  If cold or fever persists for more than 2 days visit doctor clinic.

ü  Avoid eating fried or junk food during this season.

ü  Eat foods that boost your immunity, for example, more of green leafy vegetables, juicy fruits, salad in your diet.

Thank-you, hope this blog post is useful to you. We suggest you to keep your body protected and away from the diseases by just following the above tips during monsoon season. If you are sick don’t worry get your health check-up done from best pathology in Lucknow. You can also give us a call for home for full body check-up.