Why YOGA? Know Health benefits of Yoga


Health Benefits of Yoga

Hello readers! Today as a best Ultrasound Pathology in Lucknow we will share how the top Yoga pose to improve your Health and live a healthy life.  If you are already a passionate yoga practitioner, you have probably noticed the benefits of yoga. Yoga has number of benefits including better sleep or feel relaxed body and mind. It brings energy up your spine and fall on deaf or sceptical ears.

In this blog we will discuss how yoga works to improve your health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness. Once you understand the yoga pose and its benefits, than you will have even more motivation to step onto your mat, and you probably won’t feel so tongue-tied from the next time when someone asks you why you spend time on your mat. Read this article to know number of health benefits of Yoga along with the recommended poses which you should be aware of.

 1. Boost Immunity – Practicing yoga on regular basis will result in changes in gene expression which improves your immunity at a cellular level. Yoga helps to improve your overall health as you breathe better, have peaceful mind, feel energetic and your blood circulation also improves.

Yoga Assan: - Surya Namaskar

2. Ease Migraines – People who are suffering from migraines have experienced fewer and less painful migraines after practicing Yoga. Yoga is a best and natural way to fight against migraines. It has zero side-effects. Practicing yoga daily for a few minutes will help you prepare better for the next migraine attack.

Yoga Assan: - Bridge Pose

4. Sleep Better – Yoga help you improve your sleep quality. Yoga is more beneficial to those people who are suffering from insomnia to sleep better. Practicing yoga also helps people to deal with stress and provides mental relief to get good sleep.

Yoga Assan: - Savasana

5. Fight Food Cravings – Regular Yoga practice is associated with mindful eating and fight against food cravings. Performing Yoga daily keeps you mentally aware of physical and emotional sensations associated with binge eating. Yoga also strengthens your mind-body connection which helps you to keep food cravings away.

Yoga Assan: - Meditation

How to get started?

If you are a beginner and haven’t done yoga before, firstly you need to join a regular yoga class to see if the instructor and studio are a comfortable fit for you or not. While joining you must ask for hot yoga classes from your instructor. And if there is than join classes that catering to beginners.

Also try other yoga studios before you commit to one. Ask your yoga studio whether they offer free or discounted trial classes or not, so that you can see if it’s the right fit for you or not. And if you are ready to give hot yoga a try, keep these tips in mind to get started:

·         Wear lightweight and breathable fabrics so that is can wick away your sweat.

·         Bring a towel along with your yoga mat to your yoga studio. You can also bring an extra towel for your face and hands.

·         Carry special gloves and socks that have a better grip.

·         Bring a large, insulated water bottle filled with cold water that you can sip throughout your hot yoga session.


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