How hepatitis is treated?


Hepatitis treated

There are no special medicines that can prevent person that is suffering from acutely infected hepatitis once the symptoms appear. The treatment of hepatitis varies on the types of infection whether it is acute or chronic. Generally, bed rest is all that is needed to get relief. Here we will discuss how various types of hepatitis are treated:-

1.     Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a short-term illness. It may not require any major treatment. If symptoms leads you a discomfort, than bed rest is necessary. And if you feel like vomiting or diarrhea, your doctor may recommend you a dietary program to maintain your hydration and nutrition.


2.     Hepatitis B

There is no specific treatment for acute Hepatitis B but if you are suffering from chronic hepatitis B, you will require best and trusted source antiviral medications. The treatment is costly, as you may have to continue it for several months or may be for years. Chronic hepatitis B treatment requires regular medical evaluations and proper monitoring of patients to determine whether the virus is responding to treatment or not.


3.     Hepatitis C

Antiviral medications is one of the most effective hepatitis medicine that can treat both acute and chronic forms of hepatitis C. People who suffering from chronic hepatitis C will use a combination of antiviral drug therapies. Doctor may ask for further testing to determine which treatment would be the best for them. People who develop cirrhosis or liver disease due to chronic hepatitis C may require a liver transplant to prevent from disease.


4.     Hepatitis D

The WHO trusted Source announce the lists pegylated interferon alpha as a treatment for hepatitis D. But this medication can have severe side effects too. As a result, this medication is not recommended for the people having cirrhosis liver damage, or suffering from psychiatric conditions, and people with autoimmune diseases. best pathology in Lucknow


5.     Hepatitis E

Currently, there is no specific medical therapies are available to treat hepatitis E. Since the infection is acute, it resolves on its own. Doctor’s advice Hepatitis E patient to get adequate rest, drinks plenty of fluids, gets enough nutrients, and avoids alcohol. However, if a pregnant woman is suffering from this infection require close monitoring and care.


6.     Autoimmune hepatitis

Corticosteroids like prednisone or budesonide are most effective and extremely important in the early treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. They are effective in about 80% of people suffering from this condition. Azathioprine is a medicine that suppresses the immune system and is a part of treatment programs. There are other immune-suppressing drugs like mycophenolate (CellCept), tacrolimus (Prograf), and cyclosporine (Neoral) which can replace azathioprine in treatment.

Complications of hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C can lead to more severe health problems because the virus affects the liver. The people suffering from chronic hepatitis B or C are at risk of:

·         chronic liver disease

·         cirrhosis

·         liver cancer

Liver failure occurs when your liver stops functioning properly. Complications of liver failure include:

·         bleeding disorders

·         a build-up of fluid in your abdomen i.e.; ascites

·         portal hypertension

·         kidney failure

·         hepatic encephalopathy, which cause fatigue, memory loss, and diminished mental abilities

·         hepatocellular carcinoma

·         death

People who are suffering from hepatitis B and C should avoid drinking alcohol as it can accelerate liver disease and result in liver failure. Use of certain supplements or medications can also affect your liver function. If you have chronic hepatitis B or C, do consult your doctor for advice before taking any new medications.

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