Effect of Online learning system during COVID-19


Online learning system during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the lives of those affected by it, but it has also changed the lives of everybody and every profession. The way we interact with others online, the way we socialize, the way we see our health, the way we perceive life, all has completely changed. It also changed our entire education system. There is a complete digitalization; no more classrooms are there now anymore where we could interact with our professors and peers to learn. It was all online. This Covid pandemic forced all of us to fetch our electronic devices to learn about the virus and how to look after the patients while taking care of ourselves.

Regular observation of patient was become necessary as we knew absolutely nothing about the disease. We as a best pathology in Lucknow need to work for extra hours to manage and see all our patients. We have upgraded our knowledge more in order to treat our patients and protect ourselves from contracting the virus. We had to attend several online classes and webinars, and it was difficult to manage time as the other lab staff had to look after patients for check-up or testing. Then we decided to divide the staff into groups, the on-duty group will look after the patients in their respective shifts and the off-duty group will attend the classes in the meanwhile.

The online classes and webinar taught us everything related to Covid-19 right from the effects of the virus, how it spreads, safety protocols and its sequences to prevent the spread of infection. We were also taught the importance of hygiene. We learnt the sequence of hand washing technique and the right way of doing it, as well as the isolation techniques. It was exciting to learn new information, as we knew with this knowledge we could help to save lives of thousands of patients. In the best pathology in Jankipuram our staff were connected with patients online where they addressed their concerns, answered their questions, and took updates on their health regularly without having the need to expose themselves unless extremely necessary. 

To ensure the health of our staff members, we made regular announcements to remind them to wash their hands after certain interval. We also had all the arrangements made to ensure that the nutritional needs of the staff are met. The e-learning approach is extremely different from the classroom-learning approach. However, it is equally effective during the pandemic where group gatherings were prohibited. The experience with online learning was different and was a little difficult, but with the dedication of our staff-member and their will to spend extra hours in learning along with working full-time shifts, it was all possible. The hard work and diligence of my team were commendable and I can say that I am extremely proud of each one of them.

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