How hepatitis is diagnosed?

How hepatitis is diagnosed?

Hello reader… In our previous blog we have share the common symptoms and tips to prevent from Hepatitis. But one thing is very crucial to understand that what is mainly causing hepatitis in order to treat it correctly and can stop from spreading. To diagnose hepatitis Doctors will go through a certain series of tests to accurately diagnose your condition. The process includes:-

1.     History and physical exam

To diagnose hepatitis, firstly your doctor will take your history to determine any risk factors you may have. During a physical examination, doctor or staff nurse may press down on your abdomen gently to see if there is any pain or tenderness. During examination your doctor may also check for any swelling in liver and any yellow discoloration in your eyes or skin.


2.     Liver function tests

Liver Function tests (LFT) done to determine how efficiently your liver works. Abnormal tests indicate that whether there is any problem or not, especially if you don’t show any signs on a physical exam of liver disease. The high liver enzyme levels indicate that your liver is stressed, damaged, or not functioning properly.


3.     Other blood tests

If your liver function tests are abnormal, visit your consultant doctor. Your doctor will likely ask for other blood tests to detect the source of the problem. These tests will help doctor to determine the trusted source of infectious hepatitis by checking for the presence of hepatitis viruses or antibodies your body produces to combat them. Doctors may also check for any signs of autoimmune hepatitis.


4.     Liver biopsy

Doctors will assess your liver for potential damaged Trusted Source while diagnosing hepatitis. A Liver Biopsy is a process of testing for hepatitis that involves taking a sample of tissue from your liver. Doctor take this sample through your skin with a needle. There is no need for surgery. During this procedure they will use an ultrasound scan for guidance. This test helps your doctor to determine how infection has affected your liver.


5.     Ultrasound


An abdominal ultrasound is done to create an image of the organs with ultrasound waves within your abdomen. This test helps doctor to take a close look at your liver and nearby organs. It can reveal:

·         fluid in your abdomen

·         liver damage or enlargement

·         liver tumors

·         abnormalities of your gallbladder

Sometimes the pancreas shows up on ultrasound images also. This test is useful in determining the cause of your abnormal liver function. 

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