What are the common symptoms of hepatitis and tips to prevent hepatitis?


Common symptoms of hepatitis and tips to prevent hepatitis

Are you suffering from Hepatitis? Do you get tested from best pathology in Lucknow? If you are suffering from a chronic form of hepatitis please visit best doctor to get proper treatment. Hepatitis like B and C, you may not show any symptoms until the damage affects liver function. But the people suffering from the acute hepatitis may present with symptoms shortly after contracting with a person suffering from hepatitis virus. Be careful to your health and get tested in the best pathology in Lucknow.

Common symptoms of infectious hepatitis include:

·         Fatigue

·         Flu-like symptoms

·         Dark Urine

·         Pale stool

·         Abdominal pain

·         Loss of appetite

·         Unexplained weight loss

·         Yellow skin and eyes ( It is also may be a sign of jaundice)


Immediately visit doctor if you have symptoms like:

Fatigue, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or loss of appetite, joint pain, yellowing of the skin, sore muscles, itchy skin, and joint pain and more are some of the most common symptoms that one may exhibit. Once you notice the symptoms get yourself tested in the best pathology in Jankipuram and immediately consult your doctor who will suggest a proper line of treatment.

Take-home message:

Hepatitis A and E can be prevented using simple measures but hepatitis B and C cannot. So, it is important to get tested for Hepatitis B and C. If you tested negative, take vaccine for Hepatitis B. But if you test positive, consult doctor immediately for effective and timely treatment.

Tips to prevent hepatitis

There are Hepatitis vaccines that help you to protect against many hepatitis viruses. Minimizing your risk of exposure to substances containing these viruses is also an effective preventive measure. Let’s know the most effective tips to prevent yourself from Hepatitis in brief:-


1.      Vaccines

Hepatitis A vaccines are available and can help prevent the contraction of HAV. The hepatitis A vaccine is a series of two doses and most children begin vaccination at age 12-23 months Trusted Source. Vaccines are also available for adults and it also includes the hepatitis B vaccine.


The CDC Trusted Source recommends hepatitis B vaccinations for all new-born babies. Doctors administer the series of three vaccines over the first 6 months of childhood.


The CDC also recommends the hepatitis vaccine for all healthcare and medical personnel. Hepatitis B vaccine is also effective on Hepatitis D. But currently there are no vaccines for hepatitis C or E.


2.      Reducing exposure

Hepatitis viruses are transmitted from infected person to non-infected person through contact with bodily fluids, water, and foods containing infectious agents. Minimize the contact with these substances and prevent contracting hepatitis viruses.


Practicing effective hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid contracting hepatitis A and E. The viruses that cause these conditions are mostly present Trusted Source in water. If you’re traveling to any country where there is a high prevalence of hepatitis, you should avoid use of:

·         local water

·         ice

·         raw or undercooked shellfish and oysters

·         raw fruit and vegetables


The hepatitis B, C, and D viruses are transmitted through the contact with bodily fluids containing these infectious agents. But one can reduce the risk Trusted Source of coming into contact with fluids containing these viruses by:

·         not sharing needles

·         not sharing razors

·         not using someone else’s toothbrush

·         not touching spilled blood

Hepatitis B and C can carry from one to other person through sexual intercourse and sexual contact. Using barrier methods, such as condoms during sexual activity help to decrease the risk of infection.

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