What happens during an Angiogram procedure?


Angiogram Procedure

The Angiograms are performed by the best pathology in Lucknow. Our staff gives some specific instructions to patient related to the procedure and talk about any medicines that you take. Coronary angiograms treatment is performed only on an emergency basis. Mostly, they are scheduled in advance, so that you get a time to prepare.

General guidelines include:

·         Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your angiogram procedure.

·         Drink plenty of clear fluids up to 3 hours before the booked angiogram.

·         Take all medications to the hospital with you. Ask from your doctor that whether to take your usual morning medications or not.

·         If you are a diabetic patient, than must ask your doctor whether you can take insulin or other oral medications before your angiogram procedure or not.

What happen during the procedure:-

1.       You will lie on the x-rays table and then the Nurse will interface you to a heart monitor.


2.       The nurse will clean the area picked for the angiogram with a cleansing elements. It is recommended that do not contact this area once it is cleaned.


3.       The nurse will put a sterile wrap over you to keep the area clean.


4.       The cardiologist will inject a local sedative into the groin area or wrist area part.


5.       Once the area is frozen, the cardiologist will insert a sheath into the femoral artery or radial artery.


6.       Through this sheath, the cardiologist will direct little catheters into the coronary arteries.


7.       Small measures of coloured dye will be injected through these catheters to see the coronary arteries. It is normal if you feel a warm sensation for the moment.


8.       Patient need be ready to pause your breathing and give a deep cough off chance that the cardiologist asks you.


9.       It is typical to feel some gentle inconveniences during the angiogram. If you are not comfortable with pain than tell the cardiologist immediately.


10.   Number of photos of your coronary arteries is captured. The cardiologist will eliminate the guide wires however, leave the sheath in. Then he will observe the angiogram results.


11.   You will get back to the recuperation area.

What happens after the test?

·         Plenty of rest is advised

·         Drink plenty of liquids

·         Clean wound area properly and make it dry

·         Observe wound for any signs of infection like drainage from the wound, swelling, redness, pain, and fever

·         One need to avoid showering, tub baths, or swimming until the incision site is cleaned completely.

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