How does an angiogram work?


How does an angiogram work?

Best diagnostic centre in Lucknow shares a blog on how does an Angiogram work. Lets know in details. In Angiogram there is a small amount of a radioactive tracer emits x-rays of the bloodstream. The tracer “captures” red blood cells, and gathers images of blood circulation in the heart. X-rays will detect the traces. In Angiogram, the x-rays are converted into an electrical signal; they go to a computer, which creates an image of the chambers of the heart.

X-rays are a form of radio waves. It can be passed through most objects, including the body. The technologist in best diagnostics centre in Lucknow carefully aims the x-ray beam at the required area. The X-ray machine produces a small burst of radiation that passes through the body during angiogram process. The X-ray emits and radiation records an image on photographic film.

X-ray is performed on different parts of the body in varying degrees. It is proven that the dense bone absorbs much of the X-radiation while soft tissue such as muscle, fat, and organs allow more of the x-rays to pass through them. Thus as a result it is observed that bones appear white on the x-ray, soft tissue shows up in shades of gray, and air appears black.


·         Please carry all of your medicines with their unique packaging. You might have to stop or change some of the medications before the angiogram procedure starts.


·         You will get a proper list of directions about taking your meds along with your arrangement date. Kindly read this data cautiously.


·         Do not bring cash and valuables items. Also try to avoid bringing a lot of personal items and clothing


·         Remove all jewellery and nail polish. You may keep your glasses and hearing aid (s) on during the angiogram procedure.


·         Wear loose-fitting clothes and flat shoes.

Risk factors: Angiogram

An Angiogram should not be performed in the following cases:

·         A critical history of an unfavourably susceptible response to differentiate color

·         Pregnancy


·         Presence of bleeding disorders


·         Presence of kidney disorders


·         Using blood-thinning prescriptions

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