What are the preventive measures of Eating Disorders?


Some preventive measures of Eating Disorders

Eating disorder is an extreme sensitivity and obsession with weight and food-related issues. It is a very serious psychological disorder that should be treated promptly on time as it may cause a serious impact on health. As there is no specific or effective way to prevent eating disorders, here are some strategies to help your child develop healthy-eating behaviours:-

1.      Avoid dieting around your child. 

Family dining habits may give an adverse effect on the relationships of children with food. Eating meals together helps you to teach your child about the pitfalls of dieting and encourages them for eating a balanced diet in reasonable portions. best pathology in lucknow


2.      Talk to your child. 

It is very crucial to correct any misperceptions related to food and talk to your child about the risks of unhealthy eating choices.


3.      Cultivate and reinforce a healthy body in your child

Whatever his or her shape or size it doesn’t really matter. You should always suggest your child to take healthy food. Talk to your child about self-image and offer reassurance that body shapes can vary person to person. Stop criticizing your own body in front of your child as they do what they see. The message of acceptance and respect you convey to your child can help build healthy self-esteem and resilience that will carry children through the rocky periods of the teen age.


4.      Enlist the help of your child's doctor. 

If one visit best pathology in Lucknow for health check-ups doctors may be able to identify early indicators of an eating disorder. Doctors can ask children questions about their eating habits and satisfaction with their appearance during routine medical appointments, for instance. The medical check-ups should include checks of height and weight percentiles and body mass index, which can alert your child's doctor to suggest any significant changes.