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How to stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19?

Stay healthy and safe during this COVID-19

Lifeline labs shares a blog about how to take care of your health and keep your life safe. Keeping an accurate list of medications you take at home is good for you and for your doctors as well.Just how important is it to keep an accurate list of home medications? According the best pathology in lucknow, it is really important that the list of medications is as important as the patient's past medical history and is also as important as the reason why they came to the hospital. Best pathology in lucknow helps you and your family remember all the medicines you are currently taking, the dosages and frequency.

Best diagnostic center in lucknowprovide best healthcare to every patient. We helps physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers make sure that the medicines can be taken safely together. Helps doctor to easily determine if illness or symptoms are related to medicine you are taking. The list also provides hospital pharmacists the info…

What are the primary care provided by Physicians?

Best Primary Care provided by Physicians

The primary care physician is first point of care for many healthcare needs. Studies show that having a PCP keeps people healthier. Lifeline Labs provide best health care as it is the best pathology in Lucknow. We believe that the relationship with your PCP builds over time as he/she provides preventive care, routine checkups, vaccinations and screenings while managing your overall physical and mental health. This important connection enables your Primary care to catch health issues before they become serious, and to identify changes in your mental and physical condition.

In addition to caring for immediate medical needs such as cold, flu and other nonemergency injuries and ailments, we the best pathology in Lucknow try to manage chronic disease (ongoing illness) and may coordinate your care with specialists as needed. Patients are advised to take healthy food in their diet. When it comes to a diet that supports good immune health, focus on incor…

What are the most common Monsoon diseases?

Most Common Monsoon Diseases

Monsoon in India is all about having a cup of hot tea with a plate of snacks, listening to 90’s retro music and enjoying the view of raindrops falling on the ground refreshing the environs. But, the reality is a bit different. This picture perfect situation disappears when you step out of your home on a rainy day. Lifeline Labs the best pathology in Lucknow is here to discuss about the most common monsoon diseases. Here are the most common monsoon diseases that you need to look out. While most of these are treatable to quite an extent, some qualify as fatal and life-threatening diseases and must be treated at the earliest to avoid facing consequences.

1) Malaria

Malaria is the most common disease of the monsoon season. It typically spreads from the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito. Since water logging is a standard problem during the monsoon season in India, it serves as the best breeding ground for the mosquitoes. These mosquitoes fly around to our houses…