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What is the right amount of salt for good health?

Amount of salt recommended for good health

Hello everyone…Today Lifeline Labs- the best diagnostic center in Lucknow comes up with new topic related to your good health. Do you know the right amount of salt to be taken by a person per day? The best pathology in Lucknow had a survey and as a result they got to know about the right amount of salt recommended for good health. As we all know eating too much sodium can raise blood pressure and lead to high blood pressure. Sodium is harmful for heart as it makes a person retain excess fluid in the body, which results as an added burden to your heart. Sodium affects your heart health badly. About 1 in 3 Indian adults has high blood pressure, according to the Lifeline Labs.

As per study the best pathology in Lucknow states that only about half of people with high blood pressure have their condition under control. High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney damage and other health prob…

What are the best quality that a pharmacists should have?

Best quality of Pharmacists

Lifeline Labs is the best pathology in Lucknow having best team members. Work and facility provided by Lifeline Lab make them stand as best pathology. There is an open opportunity to build career as a pharmacist especially for those who are interested in health care. Our team members always work with full dedication in which many pharmacists report that their careers are both purposeful and rewarding. Practicing pharmacists in best pathology in Lucknow provide great opportunity in the health care industry. Pharmacists are the medication expert’s work with doctors. Their advice is impactful and help patient to improve their health. Pharmacists play a major role in the lives and outcomes of patients. As a result, pharmacists are seen as one of the most trusted health care professionals in the pathology industry. 

In best pathology Lucknow, our pharmacists try to maintain a relationship with Patients. Pharmacists help people live healthier better lives. Lifelin…

Success story of the Founder of Lifeline Lab Pathology

Founder of Lifeline Lab Pathology and facility provided by them
Lifeline labs were established by Dr. Abhishek Gupta in 2012 as a humble effort to provide genuine help to the patients. He established one of thebest pathology in Lucknow. Since then the lab has been established no looking back and has been working to provide a wide area of tests possible today in the field. Besides the widening of the horizons, the laboratory has continued to maintain the standard and quality of providing facility. It is the most advancedX-ray pathology in Lucknow. He always ready to provide analytical and support services to clinical research organizations for their clinical research projects. During the financial year, Lifeline Lab conducted various tests from number of patient visits. Pathology lab offer a broad range of approximately 3,487 clinical laboratory tests and 530 profiles. The laboratory handles large number of samples a day comprising of hematological tests, biochemical estimations and dru…

Seasonal Allergies and its preventive measures

Know about Seasonal Allergies and its preventive measures

Hello readers… Welcome back to our blog-posts. Lifeline Labs the best diagnostic center in Lucknow shares a blog on seasonal allergies. We will discuss all about seasonal allergies in our blog. Today you will learn how to manage your allergy symptoms and know the right time to see the doctor. According to the Lifeline labs, allergies cause effect due to various. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, causes symptoms in spring, summer and early fall. A lifeline lab provider may be able to provide or refer you to therapies that ease the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. We have best pathology in Jankipuram. We are always there to help you. Lifeline labs share few most common seasonal Allergy Symptoms:-

1.Runny nose
3.Itchy eyes, mouth or skin
4.Stuffy nose
6.Puffy, red and watery eyes
7.Post-nasal drip

Preventive measures that helps to get Relieve from Seasonal Allergies:-

1.Start treatment early: …

Join Wellness program for your good health

Join Lifeline Labs wellness program

Heya! Welcome back to our blog-spot. Do you know the best pathology in Lucknow organize various health programs and provide important health tips? This post is all about the health program organized by Best diagnostic center in Lucknow. Lifeline Lab offers a variety of pathology services, screenings, support groups and special events to promote health and wellness in our community. Visit Lifeline Labs for your better health. Our service makes us best pathology in Lucknow. We are committed to helping our community stay healthy. We offer pathology services so that you stay healthy and fit. During our program you will get to know about:-

How to stay active:-

Being active as you age can help prevent certain chronic diseases, allow you to keep up with family members and improve your quality of life. Contact us to learn more about the recommended physical activity guidelines, tips on how to increase your physical activity daily and more!

About Pain Management…

Why Sleep disorder affect health?

Is Sleep really affect Your Health?
Lifeline Labs- the best pathology in Lucknow discusses why it is important to get enough sleep. Getting a good sleep can help you have a better and energetic day. Good sleep also helps to keep you healthy. According to study adequate sleep is an important component of overall health of person. Sleep is extremely important. If you don't get enough of it there are definite health consequences, says Lifeline Labs- best diagnostic center in Lucknow. After getting an adequate sleep you're not too tired during the day. If you are continually sleepy during the day you can’t focus on your routine job. This indicates that a person is not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to a variety of health problems which includes type 2-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. It can also lead to increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers.

According to best pathology in Lucknow a person should take 7.5 to 8…

Top tips for winter safety

Top Winter Safety Tips

Winter is here, a good time to remember some basic safety tips to keep healthy and out of harm's way. Today we the best pathology in lucknow is here to share best winter safety tips that will prevent you from cold. Whether it's frigid temperatures or the aftermath or a snowstorm, it's important to be prepared and keep safety first. It happens every year. Every winter, you need to be precise. Based on the experience in various emergency medicine. We the best pathology centre in lucknow has come up with a list of winter safety tips to keep people safe, healthy and out of the ER.

The most important tips is to dress-up yourself warmly. It might sound pretty simple, but it pays to dress appropriately when going outdoors in winter weather to avoid medical issues like frostbite and hypothermia i.e.; abnormally low body temperature, when your body loses heat faster than you can produce it. Dress in layers and make sure to protect any body parts that are expose…

How to keep yourself healthy and safe?

Keep yourself healthy and safe

Lifeline labs shares a blog about how to take care of your health and keep your life safe. Keeping an accurate list of medications you take at home is good for you and for your doctors as well.Just how important is it to keep an accurate list of home medications? According to Lifeline Labs- the best pathology in lucknow, It's really, really, really important that the list of medications is as important as the patient's past medical history and is also as important as the reason why they came to the hospital.

What is the importance of keeping a Medication List?

Medication list provided by best pathology in lucknow helps you and your family remember all the medicines you are currently taking, the dosages and frequency. It also helps physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers make sure that the medicines can be taken safely together. Helps doctor to easily determine if illness or symptoms are related to medicine you are taking. The list also pro…

Know how to stand as a best pathology centre

Strategies that make us stand as best pathology in Lucknow

Hello everyone…..Welcome to our blog-posts. Lifeline Lab- the Best pathology in lucknow is here to share a blog about the best facility provided by us and how we stand as best pathology in Lucknow. Lifeline team put leadership efforts to identify opportunities and threats that provide insight into laboratory operations. We identify the value streams to drive efficiency for the laboratory, health systems and positive outcomes for patients.

Lifeline lab is all about the future of capturing new customers, partners and markets.  For laboratories to compete, new approaches, models and new thinking backed by the data-driven insights are needed. These new alternative markets such as non-payer regulated revenue, or pay at time of service in direct to consumer models, participate within patient engagement when treated as a consumer. By actively developing a patient-friendly model, laboratories participate and take an active role in patie…

Best diet to stay Healthy

Healthy Eating makes you fit

Lifeline Lab is a registered pathology in lucknow, Will provide you some tips to stay healthy and fit. To stay fit it is important that you nourish your body and soul by eating healthy food and spending time with those that you love and who love you. Always choose those foods that are best for your health. Perform regular exercise. Eating healthy foods does not mean making room full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but also for small portions of your favorite food of your choice sometimes. 

Stay Hydrated

We the best pathology in lucknow always suggest that before you leave the house try to prepare earlier in the day by being well hydrated and well nourished. This may seem counterintuitive, but it is common to confuse hunger with thirst. You may be likely to eat more when faced with a buffet table or tray of cookies if you have not had enough water to drink during the day. Eating regular meals prior to the party can prevent you from arriving hungry and …