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Precuations During The rainy Season

One of the best and fast growing pathology in Lucknow shares some important precuations that you must take during the rainy season.

As we all know that when the rainy season comes, the risk of diseases also gets  increased  due to increased levels of dampness.Mostly people gets fever, cough and body pain problems during the season on whih people starts getting worried and stress, tension makes them ore weaker but instead it should help you recognize the problem.

Some of the health tips that an help you & your family to keep away and to prevent the nasty bacteria from spreading are shared below :

1- Must Eat healthy Food & Maintain Your Diet :
Blood test pathology in Lucknow
Yes it is very important that you must take the food in  the proper way and to maintain your diet. There are a number of precautions that must be taken during the rainy season. Eating healthy food is one of them, avoid food from outside or street food. It is very true that the healthier you eat the more nutrie…

Lifeline Labs Pathology-Excellence In Diagnostics

The best Pathology in Lucknow-Lifeline labs was established in 2012 as a humble effort to provide genuine help to the patients by Dr Abhishek Gupta, MD Path . It is the speciality of this pathology that it covers all the major and minor health related diagnostic. Since then the lab has seen no looking back and has been working to provide a wide area of tests possible today in the field. Besides the widening of the horizons, the laboratory has continued to maintain the standard and quality.

It is the most advanced X-ray pathology in Lucknow.The laboratory handles large number of samples a day comprising of hematological tests, biochemical estimations and drug assays, infectious disease identification, immunological disorder or hormonal estimation, besides surgical specimens for cytological and histopathological examination.

Lab has The State of Art Laboratory Information Management System designer to provide great efficiency and quality to all areas. The sophisticated lab information …