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Diabetes and its preventive measures

Types of Diabetes and its preventive measures

Do you know about the types of diabetes and the reason which actually causes diabetes? Lifeline Labs the  best diagnostic centre in Lucknow comes up with new topic. Read our blog to know what cause diabetes and how it can be cured. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that moves glucose i.e.; blood sugar from the foods we eat into the cells.  There are basically two types of diabetes:-

1.Type 1 diabetes
2.Type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the body does not make insulin. It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system, for some reason, turns on itself and begins to attack and destroy the cells of the pancreas that produce and release insulin. 

In the case of type 2 diabetes, the body cannot use insulin as well as it should or has become resistant to insulin. It is the result of the body either resisting the effects of insulin or does not produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes a…

How to take care of kids?

Tips to care of your Kids

We the best pathology in lucknow provides personalized care to young patients and their families. We take care of our patient and suggest optimum health test to confirm their health condition. We have best diagnostic center in lucknow. We treat our patient carefully and make them comfortable. Best surroundings create a healing setting for some of our youngest patients, and allow our pediatric staff to care for infants through teens and their families. Experienced physicians and nurses work as a team to provide a personal level of care to each patient. And we will continue to grow to meet the needs of families in our community.

Grateful parents often provide positive feedback about the care received. What makes this place special is the dedication of the experts towards their field, providing one-on-one attention to each patient. We the best pathology in Jankipuram organize programs to reach children and family members. Our program topics include health and well…

How to stay active during winters?

Stay active in this Winter

Hello everyone....Today we the best pathology in lucknow are here to share how to stay active this winter. It's really cold outside, but don't let this be an excuse to skip the exercise . Especially exercises that your body needs for good health and improved quality of life, season doesn't matter. Regular physical activity provides a variety of benefits that help us sleep more soundly, improve our mood, sharpen mental focus, reduce stress and perform daily tasks more easily. According to best pathology in lucknow you only need a moderate physical activity to improve your night's sleep, reduce anxiety symptoms, improve thinking, reduce blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity on the day that the exercise is performed.

We are the best diagnostic centre in lucknow who further demonstrates that regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise contributes to reduced risk of excessive weight gain, fatigue and dementia, as well as reduced risk of cancer o…

Liver disease and its cause

Know about Liver Disease: Are You At Risk?

Do you know about the types of liver diseases and risk occurred. Fatty liver disease is one of them. The causes may differ for those who have fatty liver but share one common thing: too much fat stored in their liver cells. Having small amounts of fat in the liver is normal. Having too much fat can cause the liver to become inflamed, which, over time, may cause scarring and may even lead to liver cancer or liver failure. We the best pathology in lucknow provide a proper test report through which one get to know that whether their liver is fatty or not.

Fatty liver refers to having excess fat in the liver, but no inflammation or liver cell damage. In patients with fatty liver, the liver functions normally and there are no symptoms. 


The liver is the largest organ in the body and serves many vital functions, including aiding in the removal of toxins and waste products from the body. Fatty liver disease is the most frequently disease seen i…

Why physician suggest to have enough sleep?

Get enough Sleep as suggested by physician
Hello everyone.. Today we thebest pathology in lucknowwill discuss about your sleep. how much sleep a person should have in a day and many things related to it. As we all know getting a good night's sleep can help you have a better day. It can also help keep you healthy. Adequate sleep is an important component of overall health. "Sleep is extremely important. If you don't get enough of it there are definite health consequences”. The average adult needs about 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Not just any sleep, mind you. "It's important to get deep, quality, refreshing, restorative sleep”. But not everybody does. There are 88 sleep disorders. They include everything from sleep apnea to chronic insomnia to circadian rhythm disorder. It's not uncommon to get a poor night's sleep.

There are many distractions in today's world, where being busy, stressed out and not exactly leading the healthiest lifestyle can interfe…

Why best care provider good for Health?

Best care provider is good for health

The best pathology in Lucknow share blog on how to take care for good health. As the name suggests, primary care is the first point of contact when seeking non-emergency medical care. Primary Care Physicians deliver routine preventive healthcare and wellness education in best pathology in Jankipuram, as well as diagnosis and treatment for acute or chronic illnesses.

Research shows that people who have a primary care doctor actually live longer. Do you know why? Because the familiarity that results from getting to know a patient over time allows a primary care physician to catch medical issues early before they become serious. The primary care physician is often the first to spot mental health issues, or early signs of cancer or chronic disease. Routine check-ups, vaccinations and screenings offered by the primary care physician can keep illness at bay. And, of course, primary care physicians manage immediate medical needs such as colds, flu, minor c…

Role and importance of Pathologist

The best pathology in Lucknow -Lifeline Labs shares an important points about the role and importance of pathologists in our daily life.
Pathologists helps in taking care for patients every day by providing their doctors with the information needed to ensure appropriate patient care. They are the people who recommend and diagnose the main root of the medical problem. They are valuable resources for other physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Overall we can say that they are always with the pateients for their support just like the doctors.
Pathologists may recommend some steps you can take to prevent illness and maintain good health this part is normally known as consultation as they are the people who know and understand the main root of the problem. For example, when your blood is drawn as part of your annual physical, a pathologist may supervise testing or perform tests to help assess your health.
A pathologist is basically a physician who studies body fluids and tissues an…

Allergies And Its Remedies That You Must Know

Best Pathiology in Lucknow shares some important information about allergies. As most of us might know that allergies are a common cause of illness and it can happen any stage in someone's life.There are numerous different things that can cause allergies it make be like from pollen to food to medication and due to many other overall it is not always easy to know the best treatments or home remedies.

An allergic reaction basically occurs when cells in the immune system interpret an outer substance or allergens as harmful.The immune system also overreacts to these allergens and produces histamine, which is a chemical that causes allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, inflammation, and coughing.
Apart from this mild allergic reactions can  be treated with home remedies and with some time medications.
But chronic allergies need treatment from a medical professional. Severe allergic reactions always require emergency medical may take consultantion from experienced pathologists.


What is Thyroid? Know About Symptoms and Solutions

One of the Diagnostic centre in Lucknow shares some important information about Thyroid.
So Thyroid is nothing but one of the many gland of the body that performs some of the most important functions of the human system. It is basically nestled at the tip of the neck, the thyroid gland produces essential hormones, and these glands help in brain activities and metabolism. If there is any problem in the glands then you must consult with the doctor.You must know that most of them are quite similar to symptoms of many other conditions and diseases. Only an experienced doctor can find the exact reason behind it and you should prefer experienced Pathologist or best pathology for its testing. Apart from this there are some symptoms and signs of Thyroid lets have a look on them.

Signs and Symptoms of a Thyroid Problem

The symptoms and signs of Thyroid may consist of Witnessing fatigue even after sleeping for about 8 to 10 hours at a stretch or a need to take a nap every day.
You may get uninte…

Advantages of imaging Using Radiation

Best pathology in Lucknow shares an important blog about the benefits of imaging using radiation:

As we are living in this fast growing environment where different technologies are evolving on the daily basis. With the advancement of the technoloogy in medical field many improvised devices had been evolved which are helping the pathologists and doctors in diagnosing the problem, diseases in a fast and much better way. One of the most advanced example of modern science is imaging using radition or radiography. Lets have a look on some of the benefits from medical imaging:

There are many benefits for patients from medical imaging.The images of the human body are created using different processes which ay be ultrasound, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and  the X-rays to allow physicians to see inside the body, to identify and/or rule out medical problems, and to diagnose diseases. Much has recently been written about radiation, so it is important to have some understanding of imagin…

Precuations During The rainy Season

One of the best and fast growing pathology in Lucknow shares some important precuations that you must take during the rainy season.

As we all know that when the rainy season comes, the risk of diseases also gets  increased  due to increased levels of dampness.Mostly people gets fever, cough and body pain problems during the season on whih people starts getting worried and stress, tension makes them ore weaker but instead it should help you recognize the problem.

Some of the health tips that an help you & your family to keep away and to prevent the nasty bacteria from spreading are shared below :

1- Must Eat healthy Food & Maintain Your Diet :
Blood test pathology in Lucknow
Yes it is very important that you must take the food in  the proper way and to maintain your diet. There are a number of precautions that must be taken during the rainy season. Eating healthy food is one of them, avoid food from outside or street food. It is very true that the healthier you eat the more nutrie…

Lifeline Labs Pathology-Excellence In Diagnostics

The best Pathology in Lucknow-Lifeline labs was established in 2012 as a humble effort to provide genuine help to the patients by Dr Abhishek Gupta, MD Path . It is the speciality of this pathology that it covers all the major and minor health related diagnostic. Since then the lab has seen no looking back and has been working to provide a wide area of tests possible today in the field. Besides the widening of the horizons, the laboratory has continued to maintain the standard and quality.

It is the most advanced X-ray pathology in Lucknow.The laboratory handles large number of samples a day comprising of hematological tests, biochemical estimations and drug assays, infectious disease identification, immunological disorder or hormonal estimation, besides surgical specimens for cytological and histopathological examination.

Lab has The State of Art Laboratory Information Management System designer to provide great efficiency and quality to all areas. The sophisticated lab information …